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How to measure your butterfly chair frame


We get lots of questions what size frame our covers will fit. Unfortunately there is no standard size for the frames. Many different companies have made the butterfly chairs over the years and I swear everyone make it a different size. So you do need to measure your frame.

How to measure your frame? You need to determine the maximum span at the top (dimension 1) and bottom (dimension 2). Measure both the top and bottom peaks at the widest point. The maximum dimension may be at the top of the peak or down 2” to 4”. (Not all frames have the bent as shown in the picture above. You just need to measure the widest spot).

You also need to measure from the top peak to the bottom peak on the same side of the frame (dimension 3).  


Dimension 1Dimension 2Dimension 3
Folding Covers
31" - 32"24' - 27"Up to 33"
Non Folding Covers
30" - 36"26" - 29"Up to 35"

Note: Dimensions are approximate as frame shapes varyI

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